Chasing Baby

Chasing Baby
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Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Format: eBook
Length: Novel
ASIN: B07419P3SZ
ISBN: 9781941528440
“A funny, fast-paced adventure full of charm, wit, and heartwarming characters.”
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About the Book

Start with one off-duty vice cop in search of peace and quiet. Add one Miss Goody-Two-Shoes, longing for excitement. Combine liberally with two kids, a stolen prize-winning rabbit, a stray puppy, a missing diamond ring, and a cross-country chase, and you have a recipe for fun and adventure.

Winner of a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award!

“Meg Hollingsworth is sick and tired of being Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. She wants action, adventure—a life! A trip to the Arizona State Fair is her ticket out of a boring existence on a rabbit farm in a small town where she’s stuck taking care of her grandfather and brother.

“Cole McKenzie is sick and tired of being a vice cop in San Antonio. The job is dirty and dangerous, and it’s no kind of existence for a single father with a three-year-old son. He wants a non-eventful life as a small town police chief. At the moment, a quiet weekend will do.

“In a San Antonio hotel parking lot, Meg’s truck—and Baby!—are stolen and, though in the midst of turning over his son to his ex-wife for the weekend, Cole charges to the rescue. His act of heroism turns into a wild hare chase across three states, involving a nutty, sexy redhead with a yen for adventure, two small children, a stray dog, an ex-wife, an idiot boyfriend, a “borrowed” diamond ring and hilarious pit stops in every bathroom between San Antonio and Phoenix. Throw in grand theft auto, grand larceny, kidnapping, and the biggest, baddest rabbit breeder in the world, and it’s not exactly the quiet weekend Cole envisioned. Nor, in his wildest dreams, had he ever envisioned falling for a woman like Meg—a woman who can’t help being good no matter how hard she tries to be bad.

“With prose as silky-sweet as honey butter, Ms McCutcheon pens a funny, fast-paced adventure full of charm, wit and heartwarming characters. There’s never a dull moment while Meg and Cole are CHASING BABY.” –Genie Romex Reviews

(Originally published by Harlequin American)

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