Seeds: a post-apocalyptic adventure

Seeds: a post-apocalyptic adventure
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, SF/F
Publisher: Parker Hayden Media
Length: Novel
ISBN: 97819415282429781941528259
Forty-eight years after a catastrophic solar event destroys all life and technology on the planet’s surface, nineteen-year-old Reid Landers lives in the old NORAD facility deep inside Cheyenne Mountain with other descendants of Originals, barely subsisting on canned food and rats. For all they know they are the last hundred souls on Earth...until Reid meets the first stranger he has ever seen, a stranger with a grown apple. This catapults him on a journey to California to find seeds for his people, an adventure fraught with skin-carving pirates, twisted missionaries, and mercenaries on Rollerblades. Even if Reid can outwit the despot leader of “Lost" Angeles and resist the siren’s song of a beautiful con artist, there may not be any seeds left to find. And his people—including the woman he secretly loves—might not take him back.
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About the Book

“With impeccable world-building, characters you can’t help rooting for, and a refreshing feeling of hope that lingers long after the final page, Seeds by Chris Mandeville is a worthwhile addition to the post-apocalyptic genre.” — Darby Karchut, bestselling author of The Stag Lord and The Hound at the Gate
“Mandeville weaves a riveting adventure through post-apocalyptic societies on an Earth that’s suffered a scientifically plausible catastrophe. Seeds is gripping and breathtaking; I guarantee it will make you lose sleep!” — Laura E. Reeve, the author of the Major Ariane Kedros Novels

“A generation after a massive blast of solar radiation virtually wipes out mankind, survivors in small enclaves scattered across America cling to life by scavenging. The best and worst of humanity emerges as pockets of dictatorships and communes. However, all share an acute awareness that time is running out, unless a means of growing fresh food is reestablished. Author Chris Mandeville has masterfully created a stark, post-apocalyptic world, where desperate people will lie, cheat, steal, and kill for the most unlikely of currencies: seeds. Hope is ignited when a dying stranger carrying a fresh apple whispers a cryptic clue, launching a dangerous life-and-death quest to locate the source of naturally grown fruit and vegetables. Ranging from Reid, an . . . idealistic young searcher determined to save his loved ones, to Pascal, a venal, monstrous despot, who rules the detritus of Southern California with an iron fist, the book’s characters exhibit a full spectrum of strengths and frailties. Will young, love-struck Reid and his unlikely allies find and save the secret “City of Angels,” or will the evil Pascal kill enough innocents to capture and control the last hope for renewed life on Earth? Seeds is an imaginative, technically on-target, nail-biting tale that’ll keep you up late . . . worrying.” — William B. Scott, bestselling author of The Permit and Space Wars: The First Six Hours of World War III, A War Game Scenario

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