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Do you have a backlist that you have the rights to? Want to get your books back into print, but are intimidated by the process or lack the time to do so? Then consider sending us your books and let us do the work for you. We’ll treat your books as carefully as you do, and make your book look professional. Here’s a comparison of the packages we offer:

ServiceeBook Basic
eBook Basic Plus
eBook/ Print Basic
eBook/ Print Plus
Package Cost
eBook ISBN

Print ISBN


Proofread (detailed scan correction)

Copy edit (grammar, spelling, continuity, logic)

eBook cover

Print cover (with spine and back)

Format generic epub

Add buy links in eBook formats (customized for each store/vendor)

Format for print in CreateSpace or Lightning Source/Ingram Spark (one image besides cover)

Additional images for print format
Upload to five venues

Upload to CreateSpace or Lightning Source/Ingram Spark

Payment Options
The following payment options may be used for any of our four packages (eBook Basic, eBook Basic Plus, eBook/Print Basic, and eBook/Print Plus):

1. You pay up front, we upload to your vendor accounts, you manage all sales, and we get no portion of your sales.

2. You pay up front, we upload to our vendor accounts (with 10% admin fee from author royalties to manage the sales), and we give you reports and payments no less than quarterly. We will send US citizens a tax Form 1099-MISC at the beginning of the following year.

3. You provide partial payment up front, we load to our vendor accounts, and all royalties are split 50/50 until the package cost is paid. After that, Parker Hayden Media (PHM) will keep only 10% of royalties for admin fees. However, if the package cost is not recouped within 12 months, PHM will bill the author the remainder of the unpaid portion.

Yvonne Jocks
"One of my favorite thing in this new age of publishing is the freedom it gives authors. Author-run Parker Hayden Media exemplifies that freedom. They're willing to do as much or as little as an author needs, and are flexible on all levels. I've earned almost as much in royalties from their reprint of a historical than I did from the original publication! Not only am I publishing much of my backlist with them, I'm in the process of using them for new books too. Be sure to check them out."
Yvonne Jocks aka Evelyn Vaughn


Q: If I use your ISBN, does that mean the book is in your company’s name?
A: Yes. Your book will show up in online catalogs with Parker Hayden Media as the “publisher.” You may choose to use your own ISBN(s) instead.

Q: Which five digital venues do you upload to?
A: Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, iBooks, Kobo, and Draft2Digital (or Smashwords if you prefer). We can also upload to other venues if you already have an account there.

Q: How much control will I have over the cover?
A: You will have full input. This is your book and we want you to be happy with it. Laura Hayden, who has created covers for a number of authors, will work with you to create your cover. Check the rest of our site to see her work. You may provide your own cover at your own cost if you prefer.

Q: How much control will I have over the proofreading, copy edits, and formatting?
A: Again, you will have full control. Pam McCutcheon, who copy edits for two medium-sized presses, will provide you with proofreading and copy editing if you choose. You choose whether to accept or reject her edits. Pam will also do the formatting for the ebook, while Laura will do the print book formatting.

Q: How much promotion will you do under options 2 and 3?
A: We are not publishers. We assist with self-publishing, which means that you bear the brunt of the promotion. However, we don’t make money unless you make money. Therefore, we may work with you to create one-on-one promotions with established promotion sites with no surcharges (you pay only the cost of the ad).

Q: What does partial payment mean?
A: It amounts to approximately 10% of the total package cost, to ensure we cover initial expenses.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: It varies widely. We have found that the author is the long pole in the tent. The faster you get us the information we need, the faster we can get your book to market.

Q: Why should I choose you to help publish my backlist titles?
A: We’re authors ourselves so we know what’s important. We’ve done this a number of times with our own backlists, and have assisted other authors in getting their books republished as well. In addition, we’re professional, and we care about making your book look fabulous.

Q: Will you publish frontlist books as well? Do you accept submissions for unpublished books?
A: We prefer not to, but will consider books from established authors with a proven track record.

Q: Will you publish and manage multi-author boxed sets?
A: Possibly. Please use the contact form below to give us details about your boxed set.

Q: How do I get started?
A: It’s easy. Fill out the contact form below with the package you’re interested in, along with the book(s) you would like to publish, and we’ll send you a sample contract.

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